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Alberta’s vote is being taken for granted.

It’s become very obvious, as one party after another refuses to guarantee pipelines through Quebec and BC using federal powers, despite being undeniably in the national interest. This comes even as they all support imposing a federal price on carbon on provinces, which will increase the cost of living for every Canadian while further suppressing investment in Canadian energy. And as if this wasn’t bad enough, all the other parties also refuse to support reducing equalization payments to Quebec and other provinces, despite our province’s current recession and hundreds of thousands of Albertans out of work.

These are only a few of the many important policies that sets the People’s Party apart. But the core issue this election is much more insidious: politics in Canada has been highjacked by special interest groups, and the other parties do not have the principles or conviction to fight back.

Canada, and especially Alberta, cannot afford the weak leadership Scheer or Trudeau offers.

Both parties pander to various special interest groups, including those with anti pipeline agendas.

They support corporate welfare and handouts to the politically well connected. They campaign specifically to certain voter blocks in “contested” ridings in Quebec and Ontario, at the expense of the rest of the country. They think this is the way to win elections in Canada, and they are betting that we don’t care enough to reject this intellectually and morally corrupt approach to politics.

We must take a principled stand against this, because if we do not, Albertans and other ordinary Canadians will lose our voice in federal politics. And as the fastest growing political movement in Canada’s history and a candidate in almost every riding across the country, the People's Party is ready to fight for the people of Canada. 

Our vision is a federal government that serves the best interest of ALL Canadians, and is not beholden to special interest groups or specific voter blocks.

If you’re tired of backroom deals, political correctness, “strategic” pandering, and politics as usual, then support us. Send the message that corrupt policies meant to buy votes from special interests and voter blocks will cost votes in Alberta. We are doing politics differently. Together, let’s REFORM politics in Ottawa!
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